The People Behind This Research

Doctoral Candidate: Christian

Christian is about to establish himself as Doctoral Candidate at the Cognitive Systems Group at the University of Bremen. Before that, between 2008 and 2009, Christian was a member of the "International Graduate Research Group for Cross-Modal Interactions in Natural and Artificial Cognitive Systems" at the University of Hamburg.
Christian's background: From late 1999 until early 2006, he studied Computervisualistics at the University of Magdeburg, with a minor in psychology and educational science. His studies focused on usability and human computer interaction; other areas of interest included visualisation & graphics, databases, project management and creativity. He wrote his project thesis about interaction in augmented reality at the Human Interface Technology Lab New Zealand and his Diplom thesis about emotions in the human-computer-interaction at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Graphics Research in Rostock. He received his Diplom degree in Computervisualistics in early 2006. After graduation he worked in the Requirements and Usability Department of the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Requirements Engineering as usability engineer and consultant for almost 2 years. His main project was about how to design joy-of-use into the human-computer interaction.

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Supervisor 2008-2009: Prof. Habel

Professor Habel supervised and guided Christian in his challenge of obtaining a doctoral degree. His own research into route descriptions and his interest in the functions of maps has set the frame for the topic. Christopher heads the research group "Knowledge and Language Processing" which investigates the processes of knowledge and language processing of humans and artificial systems. The main topics are knowledge representation of time, space, and events; representation of objects and concepts; and understanding and production of language. Get more information about the group here.

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Assistant 2008-2009: Franziska

Franziska is a student of special padagogy at Hamburg University. In cooperation with Christian she conducts literature reviews, prepares materials for the experiments and conducts and analyses the experiments. She has a special interest in the abilities of disabled persons.

Assitant 2008: Johanna

Johanna is a student of psychology at Hamburg University. In cooperation with Christian she helped to designed the experiments carried out during the course of the studies. She was mostly interest in the multi-modal aspect of the research.

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